Why We Are Better Than Others
$X13 vs Competitors
Comparing with titano, libero, safuu, we are:

825,992.73% Fixed APY

Rewarded EVERY 3 SECONDS Gives 2.5% daily (825,992.73% APY, 0.0000858% per block) Other projects give reward in every 15 or 30 minutes or more due to their limitation. People have to wait that next 15 or 30 minute period to get next reward before doing something. Our project divides reward into smaller portions and give reward every 3 seconds. You cannot miss or wait any reward as this is theoretical maximum speed in BSC by combining with the APY, it gives higher reward than any other projects.

Others use EOA wallet for burn. No one knows they have key to control that wallet or not.
They can sell big amount of tokens or pull big amount of liquidity ANYTIME.
We have been consistently pointed out that this is a big security issue. Our burn address is a verifiable contract which has no owner.

We have same manual buyback like others.
But we also have auto-buyback for each sell

Others have big price drop when adding LP. We do not.

Unlike others, we have fixed exponential decay of interest rate change at each year. meaning we have fixed rate for 1 year and changes every each year.

Others have price drop at each rebase. We have not. We have a special algorithm to avoid this
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